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Issues in contemporary journalism

For nearly 50 years, Indigenous filmmakers in Canada have been sharing their stories on screens across the country and globe.

Giving voice to resilience

Indigenous documentary filmmakers focus on unheard perspectives

Nov 21, 2016

Culture ShockExploring the military-journalist relationship

Do you know what you don’t know about each other?

Nov 18, 2016

Swearing, by the (style)book

Is it time for print media to stop whitewashing profanity?

Nov 16, 2016

Don’t kill the messenger

Is journalism becoming more dangerous?

Nov 14, 2016

The trouble with trolls

Journalists search for how to best survive troll attacks

Nov 10, 2016

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Blurred Lines

Does the lucrative relationship between ESPN and the NFL threaten the credibility of ESPN’s journalism?

Feb 24, 2016

Under the covers at Metro Halifax

Does this free daily tabloid deliver more than quick-fix news?

Feb 1, 2016

Journalist and biographer Evelyn White at home in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Exploring the world of Evelyn White

An intimate look at an unconventional journalist

Jan 29, 2016

Documentary in the digital age

How is technology transforming factual filmmaking?

Jan 27, 2016

Jon Tattrie is a successful freelance journalist in Halifax.

The secret to being a full-time freelance journalist

Jon Tattrie has it – and he’s letting us in

Jan 25, 2016