Ama Scriver shows off her best power pose

Body ImageWorkshop brings 'enlightening' views on body image

Halifax gets a lesson in Body Love

Jan 15, 2016

Elementary students sliding  on Citadel Hill

FunKids make the most of snow day

Halifax's first snow day of 2016 brought slushy roads but ideal sliding conditions.

Jan 13, 2016

Amina Abawajy, resident of Girls Take Initiative at Dalhousie, is holding an event to raise money for those suffering from the drought in Ethiopia.

Aid This Dal student wants you to care about what’s happening in Ethiopia

Amina Abawajy is aiming to draw attention to the 10.2 million people awaiting emergency food aid.

Jan 13, 2016

Some organizations like RISC, offer freelancers the training and equipment they need for work overseas such as the flak jacket pictured in this staged photo.

(Staged photo)Freelancers on the frontlines

Whose job is to keep them safe from harm?

Jan 13, 2016

Vaughan, 6, flips through the TV guide for programmes of interest to him.

No news is bad news for kids

Children in Europe watch TV news made for them. Not so in Canada.

Jan 5, 2016

.blu salon downtown Halifax displays gender price gap

GenderWomen’s haircuts cost more than men’s, and some stylists say that’s unfair

Despite the growing “man bun” phenomenon, women are still paying more than men to have their ponytails trimmed

Dec 9, 2015

GivingHomeless Kijiji family moves into new apartment after strangers band together to help

“A lot of people who offered things were people who didn’t have much to give, but they offered what they had”

Dec 2, 2015

Players enjoying a round of Magic.

GamingGamers dealing a different deck of cards as Magic game thrives

‘People like tactile things they can feel, touch and manipulate,’ says game storeowner Joshua Pyle-Carter

Nov 30, 2015

A reporter’s most important purchase in the North: moose hide mittens.

The allure of the North

Why journalists are inspired to work in the coldest communities in Canada

Nov 30, 2015

Caledonia students left arm jackets on telephone poles on Halifax streets. Tags on the coats let people know the items were free to take.

Holidays9 ways to spread Christmas cheer in Halifax

Feeling charitable? Here's how you can help

Nov 27, 2015