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Issues in contemporary journalism

Colleen Jones and her cameraman watch a strongman lift eight hay bales at once.

Journalists defend ‘fluff’ news

Should community & human interest stories be taken seriously?

Mar 25, 2015

Chronicle Herald reporter Willy Palov in the press box.

More than just a game

The “toy department” is battling to earn your respect

Mar 25, 2015

Robbie delivers between all the different lab units.

TechnologyRobots in the newsroom

Are the bots here to help, hinder, or replace?

Mar 25, 2015

Roger Lewis watches his grandfather in a film on exhibit in the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History. For Lewis, the history of his people, the Mi’kmaq, is part of his life every day.

When journalists don’t dig deep enough

Media misconceptions of the past can affect today’s aboriginal communities

Nov 26, 2014

Family, friends and supporters gathered to mourn missing and murdered aboriginal women in Halifax in October, 2014.

Native women silent no more

National media improves coverage of missing and murdered aboriginal women

Nov 26, 2014

Research shows that in-depth coverage of killers has the potential to inspire copycats.

Covering Killers

How should news media respond to mass shootings?

Nov 26, 2014

Next issue is betting that a newsstand can translate to the digital world. Will it pay off?

Magazines, Meet Netflix

A startup hopes to turn digital stories into paper money

Nov 26, 2014

John Piccolo, the director of communications for the Nova Scotia Judiciary, reads from his Blackberry in an empty courtroom at the Halifax Law Courts.

Twitter is now in session

How does tweeting from the courtroom affect reporting and justice?

Nov 26, 2014

The inside of the Coast’s small office in Halifax.

Alt-weeklies fight for survival in digital age

Small, locally-focused alt-weeklies have a better shot at staying alive

Nov 26, 2014

Ryan Taylor was in the lockdown area during the Moncton shooting. He, along with 70,000 other Moncton residents, needed updated information to stay safe.

Justin Bourque: Hidden behind a paywall

Should removing a paywall be mandatory during times of crisis?

Nov 26, 2014