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Issues in contemporary journalism

Two types of magazines: the scroll-able smartphone on top of traditional print.

Long-form at home in digital age

Twitter, schmitter. Today’s readers also crave long-form

Mar 25, 2015

After 16 years at the Chronicle Herald, staff photographer Eric Wynne made the switch to multimedia editor.

A Golden Age of Visual Storytelling

How multimedia is changing journalism

Mar 25, 2015

CBC reporter Colleen Jones thinks the bias against women in journalism is a thing of the past.

Women in journalism: closer, but not equal

Gains, struggles mark newsroom search for equality

Mar 25, 2015

Colleen Jones and her cameraman watch a strongman lift eight hay bales at once.

Journalists defend ‘fluff’ news

Should community & human interest stories be taken seriously?

Mar 25, 2015

Chronicle Herald reporter Willy Palov in the press box.

More than just a game

The “toy department” is battling to earn your respect

Mar 25, 2015

Robbie delivers between all the different lab units.

TechnologyRobots in the newsroom

Are the bots here to help, hinder, or replace?

Mar 25, 2015

Roger Lewis watches his grandfather in a film on exhibit in the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History. For Lewis, the history of his people, the Mi’kmaq, is part of his life every day.

When journalists don’t dig deep enough

Media misconceptions of the past can affect today’s aboriginal communities

Nov 26, 2014

Family, friends and supporters gathered to mourn missing and murdered aboriginal women in Halifax in October, 2014.

Native women silent no more

National media improves coverage of missing and murdered aboriginal women

Nov 26, 2014

Research shows that in-depth coverage of killers has the potential to inspire copycats.

Covering Killers

How should news media respond to mass shootings?

Nov 26, 2014