Engagement duties

These duties ensure we’re always thinking about and communicating with our audiences. While all reporters should maintain an active presence on social media, the person on the desk acts and reacts as The Signal.



You will need to be in the newsroom to do this work. There are two shifts a day: morning (8 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and afternoon (1-6 p.m.). If you’re on the morning shift, you may need to share stories that were published the night before on our social platforms. You can do this from home, but you need to be on time for the story meeting.

You need a Facebook account in order to do this job. Send the instructor the email address you use for FB and you’ll be added to the Signal account as an editor. Your personal account/name won’t appear when you post as The Signal.

Review the list below. You aren’t expected to do everything on this list during your shift. After all, you have other desk duties. But determine what’s a priority, do what you can and communicate clearly with the instructor and the next person on desk duty.

Engagement (see Terra’s slides) can be broken down into several sub-roles:

Comments moderator:

Community engagement co-ordinator:

Social media editor:

Update our story headlines on the Signal Facebook page and Twitter account , plus our Instagram account as relevant. Get the passwords (you need to be logged in to see this page).

Enter only original stories authored by our reporters. Keep it lively. Also, build engagement by replying to mentions and sharing (positive) comments. Some options:

In addition to sharing our own stories, you may post photos and short videos of Signal reporters doing their jobs. This “behind the scenes” content is a good way to show people what we do.

Tools like Headliner are useful for crafting social posts. Check the passwords page for username/password.

You may use the Signal’s Hootsuite account for posting. It’s useful for scheduling tweets, for example. Go to the Passwords page for login information. Go to Hootsuite for tutorials and tips.

On Facebook:

See also: Updating the Facebook Cache when you change the image that is shared.

Read over the post before you publish to make sure the headline conforms to Facebook’s best practices. No click bait!

On Twitter:


On Instagram:

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