Editing Images (iPhone)

You can crop an image right on your iPhone. Watch the video or follow the directions below it.

    1. Go to your Camera Roll and find the image you want to crop. Touch the Edit button in the top right corner (left image below). You should then see your image on a black backdrop.

iPhone crop

    1. You have a few options here — from rotating the image to adjusting the brightness. To access those options, look at the buttons at the bottom of your screen. We want to crop, so touch the crop icon to the right of the blue Cancel button. Your image will still be on a black backdrop, but now you should see two icons above the bottom row of buttons (right image above).
    2. Touch the resizing button on the right above the Done button. You will be presented with a few sizing options (left image below). Choose 16:9. The cropping tool adjusts to that dimension (right image below).

iPhone crop

  1. Position the image how you want it. For example, pinch the screen to zoom in or move the photo up or down. Choose Done when you’re finished. Your cropped photo is saved to your Camera Roll. NOTE: This will overwrite the original file, but you can revert if you need to.

Last Updated: February 12, 2016, 2:59 pm ADT