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1 week ago

Local wine sales were up 14.7% in the last quarter of 2015

WineAs Nova Scotia wine industry grows, so does shelf space in stores

Some worry that 'more local choice for wine means more competition'

Mar 26, 2016

Spring means potholes.

PotholesPotholes a danger to cyclists

Bicycle Nova Scotia spokesman fears potholes deter people from riding

Mar 23, 2016

Whether some rinks are newer or more equipped then others, they soon all might cost the same to rent.

CommunityWhat is the update on price change for rink rentals?

HRM council debates on standardizing all ice rink rental fees

Mar 14, 2016

Peter Matyas and his finished creation at the RockHead Wine and Beer Market.

Visual arts‘I’m a catalyst for residents’ stories’: muralist

Bridgewater-based artist Peter Matyas has painted murals across Canada, including a new one at the RockHead Beer and Wine store

Feb 8, 2016