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Lara Lewis and Seth Earle discuss traditional cooking in the King's radio room. Follow along on Instagram @signalradiohalifax.

AudioPodcast: Turning taste buds into sound bites: food and Halifax

Grab some snacks as King's journalism students explore munchies around the city

Nov 30, 2016

Diana Foxall works on a story in the King's radio room. Follow them on instagram @signalradiohalifax

AudioPodcast: Housing issues in Halifax and Canada

King's students tackle housing issues

Nov 22, 2016

Laura Shepherd is a former journalist and trans activist living in Halifax.

RadioQ&A: LGBTQ activist Laura Shepherd and The Labyrinth

New interview with local Halifax activist

Nov 22, 2016

A tidal power turbine in the Bay of Fundy.

RadioSignal Radio: Fashion, turbines, and concussions

Weekly news and stories from King's Journalism radio workshop

Nov 22, 2016

Radio workshop students gear up for another exciting podcast! Follow us on instagram @signalradiohalifax

AudioPodcast: Are millennials ditching religion?

In the words of George Michael, 'Gotta have faith'

Nov 18, 2016

There is insurance for pets.

PetsPet insurance not a luxury, vets say

Own a dog? Think of Fido's health

Apr 8, 2016

Easter feast at Souls Harbour shelter.

GivingA feast of Easter fellowship at Souls Harbour

Everyone was a friend at mission dinner

Apr 8, 2016

Samson Learn

TransgenderFilmmaker plans 'Trans Canada' odyssey

Samson Learn heading out in June to do documentary

Apr 8, 2016