Lunenburg, NS waterfront

Water'I really wanted to create something that would help people in need'

Bedford Academy student designed wax that can detect contaminated water

Mar 20, 2016

PhysicsNobel prize winner lectures on neutrinos

Follow live coverage of the Nova Scotian physicist's talk on subatomic particles

Mar 14, 2016

IWK Health Centre was the only hospital in Atlantic Canada to participate in the study.

HealthNeurologist Dr. Kevin Gordon ‘expected better results than they found’ in nationwide study

Nine Canadian hospitals participated to improve predictability of concussions in children

Mar 13, 2016

Daylight SavingMore sunlight, less sleep: Daylight saving this weekend

Canadian clocks spring forward this weekend

Mar 10, 2016

Linda Campbell said housing developments in areas with mercury contamination can be dangerous to health and IQ levels.

EnvironmentNova Scotia's mining history risks our fish and health

Mercury contamination is prevalent around the province's gold mines

Mar 7, 2016

Storms aren't uncommon in a Nova Scotian spring.

WEATHER‘How cool is that?’ Weather’s power keeps amateur forecaster hooked

Thousands of Maritimers turn to Tykian Llwellyn for their forecasts

Mar 4, 2016

Ocean science research at Dalhousie sees a lot of industry partnership from small, local businesses.

ScienceWhen shipbuilding contracts fund microscopic research

Investment from industry can alter the course of scientific research

Feb 26, 2016

Lauren Currie is a genetic counsellor at Maritime Medical Genetic Services, IWK Health Centre.

HealthHow interest in genetic screening has increased post-Angelina

Increase in referral volumes has been observed since actress Jolie’s 2013 article

Feb 15, 2016

Professor Raymond Klein explains one the experiments conducted in his lab

InattentionWhy don’t drivers see at you standing at the curb? Research offers a clue

Research on visual attention has implications for drivers

Feb 4, 2016

One of FliteLab's first-person-view camera drones.

TechnologyAre you ready for drone racing?

Newly-formed Nova Scotia Drone Association hopes to introduce racing

Feb 3, 2016

Science‘Those who have water will have more. Those who don’t will have less’

Lecture given at Museum of Natural History puts focus on changes in water levels and what it means for the future

Feb 3, 2016

What factors are causing us to make mistakes at work?

Accident researchDo you work overnight shifts? This study at SMU might need you

Jennifer Wong wants to increase our understanding of how workplace accidents happen

Feb 1, 2016

Other jammers tried out Balancing Prayer after the presentations.

GamingThese developers spent 48 hours creating ritual themed games

‘Jammers’ joined together to make 16 original games within 48 hours at the Global Game Jam

Feb 1, 2016

International lawyer Steven Hoffman tries to lighten the mood with a “cuter superbug.”

HealthThese 3 problems affect our fight against superbugs

Countries need to co-operate to ward off expected increase in deaths, says international lawyer and University of Ottawa professor

Jan 30, 2016