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438 snow angels made at Martock on Saturday

Snow-lovers of all ages gathered at hills across Canada to attempt to break a world record.

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caption 438 snow angels were made at Ski Martock on Saturday. Photo by Jill Ellsworth.
Jillian Ellsworth
caption 438 snow angels were made at Ski Martock on Saturday.
Jillian Ellsworth

Members of the Canadian Ski Patrol corralled 438 snow lovers at Ski Martock yesterday, in an attempt to help break the Guinness World Record for most snow angels.

The event was one of several which happened at hills across Canada simultaneously. The organizers hoped that the combined numbers of people would break the current record of 15,851 snow angels made simultaneously at different locations.

Snow bunnies of all ages giggled with excitement as the countdown began.

“10!” People scurried to their positions.

“Five!” Angel-makers got comfortable and stretched out their arms in anticipation.

“Three! Two! One! GO!” The announcer dropped to the ground and joined the rest of crowd, which was vigorously making snow angels.

The act lasted just 60 seconds, but the fun continued all day. After admiring their work and letting out a cheer of celebration, snow lovers were anxious to get back on the hill to finish their day of skiing and snowboarding — but not before a cup of hot chocolate given out as a reward.

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