Audio Bootcamp Podcast: Hookups and K-Pop

Plus, Souls Harbour Rescue Mission opens a home for women

Hosts: Abel Rangel and Avery Stewart

From Audio Bootcamp at the University of King’s College School of Journalism:

  • Akrit Michael on a collective that tackles food insecurity in Halifax.
  • Avery Stewart on a new place for women to heal on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore.
  • Abel Rangel profiles a transgender student who saved themselves by creating art.
  • Ben Litvak covers Halifax’s first weekend of reconciliation.
  • Drew McConnell profiles a Halifax matchmaker who’s trying to go global.
  • Ashley Fullerton visits a K-Pop store that draws fans and fosters community.

The Signal: A Halifax podcast · Bootcamp Podcast 4 (Oct 28 2021)
Akrit Michael

Akrit Michael

Akrit is a Master of Journalism candidate at the University of King’s College. He also works at the Toronto Star’s Radio Room, where he covers breaking news.

Avery Stewart

Avery Stewart is a journalist in Halifax. She has a background in English literature and philosophy.

Abel Rangel

Abel Rangel is a screenwriter and journalist working and living in Halifax, N.S. He earned a master’s degree in transgender studies at New York University, and a master of journalism at University of King’s College.

Ashley Fullerton

Ashley is a journalist based in Halifax. You can find her writing at The Signal and The Xaverian Weekly. She loves graphic novels and living by the ocean.

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