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Castle Gracie is seen through trees in mid-April,2019

When opportunity knocks

One person's misfortune can be another's opportunity

2 weeks ago

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Atlantic Canada's debt problem

Long before foreclosure comes debt, and it's strangling many Atlantic Canadians.

2 weeks ago

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The team and how we did it all

Foreclosed is one of the largest data projects thus far by the King's Investigative Workshop. A unique database was built from diverse sources and analyzed for key trends.

2 weeks ago

How a foreclosure unfolds

Nova Scotia's foreclosure system has its roots in the 18th century. Here's how it works.

2 weeks ago

Source: iStock Photo. Not a home in Nova Scotia.


Public auctions to sell foreclosed properties in Nova Scotia often attract few if any outside bidders. That's bad news for borrowers.

2 weeks ago

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The Facebook Bargain

Jun 1, 2018


A mental health system under strain

May 17, 2017