Stories by King's MJ Students

Beautiful views-unreliable schedule

How tourists react to delays on the Canadian has a lot to do with how quickly they need to get somewhere.

2 weeks ago

From jewel to afterthought

Passenger rail was once the fastest, most glamorous way to travel across Canada. Those glory days are long gone.

2 weeks ago

Fixing passenger rail

Experts say the federal government could fix Via's long-distance troubles, if it chose to do so

2 weeks ago

Passengers look out from the Canadian's observation car.

Standing still

Via Rail's cross-country train spends a lot of time waiting. Via has appealed to the government to help.

2 weeks ago

Masters (of Journalism) Chefs, Live!

A special live cooking show from our Masters of Journalism students focusing on comfort food from around the globe.

Jul 25, 2019