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On Remembrance Day, Navy veterans were remembered and honoured at Point Pleasant Park

VIDEONavy remembrance service at Point Pleasant Park

Current navy personnel, veterans and members of the public gathered in Point Pleasant Park to remember the sacrifices of past generations

Nov 11, 2015

Nelson RCSCC cadets lining up for the ceremony at Point Pleasant Park.

VIDEOA moment of silence at Grand Parade

Hundreds of people went to this year's Remembrance Day ceremony in downtown Halifax

Nov 11, 2015

Chocolate cake is a common dessert at high end restaurants.

Writing about food gets complicated

Restaurant critics wonder: can they serve readers good taste and health?

Jan 24, 2014

Jeff Harper, photographer for the Halifax<em> Metro,</em> believes the less an image is filtered, the better for news photography.

The Instagram debate

Is photojournalism under threat from #catsofinstagram and #throwbackthursday?

Jan 24, 2014