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Big tech company Cognizant expanding to Nova Scotia

Province says new operation could create up to 1,250 jobs, earning firm $27 million rebate

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caption The province is entering an agreement with massive tech company Cognizant, hoping to bring jobs and economic growth.

Technology company Cognizant is establishing an operation in Halifax that the province says will “attract new economic opportunities.”

The province is entering payroll rebate agreements with Cognizant. The company plans on spending $327 million over the next seven years on salaries and benefits for workers. 

The province hopes this will create up to 1,250 jobs. If it does, Cognizant will receive a rebate of roughly $27 million from the province.

The rebates for Cognizant have been pre-authorized by Nova Scotia Business Inc., a Crown corporation led by a private sector board of directors.

“We are thrilled to have Cognizant expanding to Nova Scotia, bringing with it more high-quality opportunities, which will add to our increasingly diverse and skilled workforce,” said Economic Development Minister Susan Corkum-Greek in a news release Tuesday. Corkum-Greek is also minister responsible for Nova Scotia Business Inc.

Cognizant is a technology information company, providing services to other tech companies and conglomerates. The services range from helping huge pizza companies like Papa John’s modernize their delivery services, to helping oil and gas companies automate and reduce the costs of safety inspections on oil rigs.

It is unclear what services Cognizant will be running in the province. The new operation will be located at 6940 Mumford Road, in the same area as the CBC studios are located.


Jan. 20, 2022 An earlier version of this story indicated Cognizant could not confirm the location of the facility. In fact, the company had not responded to a request for comment before the story was published and has now confirmed the location.

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