Laney Hamblin (right) and her sister learn to make dance music

MusicOut with turntables and records, in with iPads and apps

Make your own dance music workshop open to kids as young as five

Jan 30, 2018

Jenn Grant has six nominations for the ECMA's this year.

MusicOver 100 Nova Scotian artists are nominated for ECMAs

This year’s Halifax show marks the awards' 30th anniversary

Jan 29, 2018

RecyclingNova Scotia man says making fish art is his ‘obsession’

In four years, Ronald Yhap has made around 150 fish out of plastic bottles

Jan 25, 2018

Filmmaker Jim McDermott signs the story of the Halifax Explosion.

Halifax Explosion No longer falling on deaf ears: Halifax Explosion: The Deaf Experience

Nobody in the Halifax School for the Deaf was killed during the 1917 explosion

Dec 6, 2017

Panelist, Tyler Simmonds discusses the short film he made about his own depression.

Mental HealthHollywood's unhealthy relationship with mental illness

Halifax Central Library hosted final BAFF 2017 event on Sunday

Dec 4, 2017

New Constellations travels to Halifax next week.

MusicThe ‘travelling caravan’ visits Halifax

New Constellations aspires to bring Canadian communities together with music and literature

Dec 4, 2017

KhyberPainting walls and breaking barriers

Textile artist Shaya Ishaq transforms the gallery into a community space

Dec 4, 2017

A number of volunteers help run each screening.

Independent Cinema Halifax’s only independent cinema looking to expand

Group has eye on World Trade and Convention Centre if that becomes an arts hub

Nov 27, 2017

White knights in film noir

How journalists in the movies affect the public’s trust

Nov 20, 2017