Size comparison between two 2007 full moons at their closest point to Earth (perigee) and at farthest point from Earth (apogee). The perigee moon is 12 per cent larger than the apogee moon.

AstronomySupermoon versus full moon: what’s the difference?

November ‘supermoon’ 7% larger than normal full moon

Nov 11, 2016

The trouble with trolls

Journalists search for how to best survive troll attacks

Nov 10, 2016

Nobel Laureate Dr. Arthur McDonald gives Dan MacLennan Memorial Lecture in Astronomy at Saint Mary’s University.

ScienceNobel winner digs deep to understand the universe

‘If you create something unusual … you can do things that were otherwise impossible’

Oct 22, 2016

Tinder users are able to listen to their matches 'Anthem' within the app.

LifeTinder and Spotify make a match

Dating app, music streaming service showcase users' playlists

Oct 5, 2016

Federal research is hoping to find solutions to Nova Scotia's 2013 strawberry epidemic

StrawberriesStrawberry fields forever: virus research heads into the unknown

Scientists across Canada are searching for the answers to a Nova Scotian disease

Mar 26, 2016

Hana Nelson is the co-founder of Aerosan Toilets.

ToiletsMeet two locals with a passion for poop

The entrepreneurs are creating proper sanitization for poor countries

Mar 25, 2016

Lunenburg, NS waterfront

Water'I really wanted to create something that would help people in need'

Bedford Academy student designed wax that can detect contaminated water

Mar 20, 2016

PhysicsNobel prize winner lectures on neutrinos

Follow live coverage of the Nova Scotian physicist's talk on subatomic particles

Mar 14, 2016

IWK Health Centre was the only hospital in Atlantic Canada to participate in the study.

HealthNeurologist Dr. Kevin Gordon ‘expected better results than they found’ in nationwide study

Nine Canadian hospitals participated to improve predictability of concussions in children

Mar 13, 2016