HockeyNear sweep: Canada wins 5 of 6 games in all-star junior hockey series

Fans packed the Scotiabank Centre Thursday night to watch the QMJHL all-star team take on Russia

Nov 23, 2015

Deveaux trains in the Spartan surroundings of his front room. The weather can be pretty rough in Nova Scotia and it is often easier to train in a more controlled, indoor environment.

IronmanTeacher training

Extreme endurance with a full-time job

Nov 9, 2015

"Understanding areas of my recovery that are potentially slower then some of my competitors. That was the biggest takeaway": athlete Heather Hamilton

AthleticsAthletes: This tool claims it’ll tell you more about yourself and help you win

A startup offers professional athletes and weekend warriors a way to advance their workouts

Oct 30, 2015