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Chris Hadfield ready for ‘fun’ with Symphony Nova Scotia

Tickets for former astronaut's Symphony in Space shows are sold out

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Nader Nadernejad
Chris Hadfield Symphony in Space
caption Chris Hadfield made a Space Oddity music video while in space.
Nader Nadernejad

Former astronaut Chris Hadfield is excited to perform with Symphony Nova Scotia at the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium this month.

Hadfield says music is a great way to explore topics and bring people together.

“I’m looking forward to playing with the symphony because it’s a great way to celebrate life through not only images and words, but more importantly, through music,” he says.

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“It will be a fun evening, I’m sure.”

The performance is called Symphony in Space and will feature some of Hadfield’s favourite songs, such as Space Oddity and Rocket Man. He will play his guitar and sing.

“The privilege of playing with a symphony to fill in the soundtrack of life is a great joy to me,” says Hadfield.

Musical career

It was Hadfield’s musical broadcasts from outer space in December 2012 that contributed to his stardom.

His cover of David Bowie’s Space Oddity, which was recorded during his free time on the International Space Station, was first uploaded to YouTube in 2013. It has gained nearly 35 million views on YouTube.

Jordan Fisher, patron relations co-ordinator for Symphony Nova Scotia, says that Symphony in Space tickets were so popular that they had to add an extra show. Tickets for the three shows on Feb. 18 and 19 are sold out.

“We’re very excited,” says Fisher. “The entire city is excited.” 

The orchestra will do three rehearsals with Hadfield before the first show. Hadfield will be practising as much as he can too, despite his busy schedule.

“I’m afraid of the things I’m unprepared for, so I practise,” he says.

New adventures

Hadfield says he’s grateful to have so many opportunities to explore Canada. He recently returned from a cruise through the Northwest Passage on the Soviet icebreaker Khlebnikov with Canadian singer-songwriter Danny Michel.

They spent 18 days on Khlebnikov, recording songs together and exploring the vast Canadian Arctic.

“I’m lucky I get to see Canada first-hand, sort of like Rick Mercer does, only on a different level,” says Hadfield.

In the coming months, Hadfield will work on his next book for young adults, help with Canada’s next astronaut selection and work with the Canadian Space Advisory Board.

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