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‘Confidence builder’: New award created for top culinary arts student

Winner to be selected from one of six NSCC campuses

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caption NSCC culinary arts students at Wednesday's announcement at the Akerley campus.
Olivia Elliott

Culinary arts students at Nova Scotia Community College now have a chance to vie for an award from the lieutenant-governor.

Lt.-Gov. Arthur LeBlanc announced a new medal for culinary excellence during a ceremony at the NSCC Akerley campus in Dartmouth on Wednesday.

It has become a custom for lieutenant-governors to establish awards during their time in office. The awards are meant to recognize excellence in something they support.

caption This is the first lieutenant-governor award created by Lt.-Gov. Arthur LeBlanc.
Olivia Elliott

While there are 15 other lieutenant-governor awards, this is the first one created by LeBlanc since taking on the job in 2017.

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“Since my installation as lieutenant-governor, I have worked to encourage post-secondary education, not just at degree-granting universities but also at the community college,” he said.

LeBlanc and his wife have a special connection to the NSCC culinary arts program through the student-run Fresh 21 restaurant, a spokesperson said.

“They’re very familiar with that. They’ve been coming here long before his appointment as lieutenant-governor,” said Craig Walkington, a spokesperson for the office of the lieutenant-governor.

caption Rosemarie Patricia LeBlanc greets students on the Akerley campus.
Olivia Elliott

The winner will be chosen from one of six finalists from the six NSCC campuses that offer culinary programming. Criteria includes academic performance, dedication and commitment to the culinary arts, as well as community involvement.

Brooks Hart, manager for the NSCC school of business, said the award would help students in their future careers.

“I think getting recognized in your field for excellence is amazing. It’s a confidence builder and it’s that seed that motivates you to strive for more, which is so important in today’s food industry. It’s hard work,” Hart said.

Diego Senger, a culinary arts student, said it would be an honour to win the award.

“It’s something you work really hard for and to get the recognition for that would be incredible.”

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