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Dalhousie Faculty Association reaches tentative contract deal with university

DFA to schedule ratification vote after Thursday meeting

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caption The Dalhousie University sign on University Avenue
Leah Woolley
caption The DFA represents professors, professional librarians and professional counsellors at Dalhousie.
Leah Woolley

The two sides in a contract dispute at Dalhousie University have reached a tentative deal that could avoid a strike.

The Dalhousie Faculty Association and the university’s board of governors announced the tentative collective agreement Wednesday night, after three days of conciliation.

Details of the deal have not been released, but the DFA is recommending its members accept it.

“The DFA bargaining team has been working diligently for many months to negotiate an agreement that we can recommend to our membership,” Darren Abramson, president of the DFA, said in a news release.

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“We feel we have accomplished our goal, and are now preparing for our next round of negotiations in 2020.”

The DFA represents about 960 members who are professors, research staff, professional librarians and professional counselling staff.

The DFA filed for conciliation last month, after seven months of collective bargaining. The two sides were at odds over issues such as professor workloads, pensions and how to retain and attract faculty.

A ratification vote on the proposed agreement will be scheduled after the details are shared with the DFA membership. The final meeting to inform members of the tentative deal is expected to be held Thursday night.

If conciliation had not been successful, Abramson said the DFA was fully prepared to strike.

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