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Dalhousie is looking for talent on the stage

The Top 8 will move on to the final round next week

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caption Staff was operating the background music.

There are lot of ways to show talent, but all seven participants from Dalhousie University chose to sing for the last qualifying round of Dal’s Got Talent on Tuesday night.

Three judges gave participants marks on originality, the quality of their performance and engagement.

“Music is a really easy thing to get the audience to engage with, because oftentimes people either know the song or they kind bob their head to the beat and get into it,” said Kelsey Keddy, one of the judges and the vice-president of student life for the Dalhousie Student Union, after the performers finished.

caption Grawood staff operated the background music.

Zhen Xiong, a third-year commerce student, covered the song Home originally from Michael Bublé on his guitar.

“I wasn’t aware this is a competition,” he said. For him, this was his way to express his nostalgia. As an international student, he will stay in Canada for the next year and half without going home.

caption Zhen Xiong sang Home to express his nostalgia.

Marc Joycey, a fourth-year political science student, chose one song from the soundtrack from Shrek to perform since he was a big fan of the movie when it came out in 2001.

“I have a job and do music for living; I just like performing,” said Joycey. “So I just want to come out and have some fun and just perform in front of people cause that is what I like doing.”

caption Marc Joycey sang the soundtrack from the movie Shrek.

Gizelle de Guzman, a first-year commerce student, performed during a break from class.

“It is really a good environment to play,” she said. “It is pretty sad to see not many people perform; however it is really good … and everyone is welcoming. ” 

caption Gizelle de Guzman preformed during a break from classes.

Maggie MacLellan is a second-year epidemiology and community health masters student. She felt this was is her last chance to perform in front of an audience as a student.

The first song she chose was one she wrote herself and had just finished the morning of the competition. It is still untitled.

Participant and first-year psychology student Aieysha Haws has been singing since she started to talk when she was two years old. 

“But singing with more practice and actually paying effort to it, I would say around nine,” said Haws.

caption Aieysha Haws said she is confident in her singing.

Blake d’Entremont is a first-year commerce student. He played a small concert last summer, but besides that he just plays in his room.

“I think the idea of having a competing and putting a little more pressure on it, which is what I am looking for,” he said. “And I wanna see how good I am, if I am good enough to do well in the competition or not. That just give me idea how much I need to practice and get better.”  

caption This is Blake d’Entremont’s first competition.

The top 8 of all 37 participants will move to the championship round next week.

Besides singing, other forms of performance like juggling, instrument playing and monologues were shown on the stage before the last qualifying round.

“All of our students on campus have something amazing to share with the rest of the world,” said Keddy. “And, sometimes, through the talent that is easily demonstrate on the stage. So that is the platform for students to be able to participant and engage other in the way they are really passionate.”

caption Blake d’Entremont plays his guitar.

Keddy also said it was a great place for students to hang out or get inspired. Also, for some of the participants, this might help them start a career in music or another form of art.

caption Kelsey Keddy, left, was one of the judges.

The winner of Dal’s Got Talent will be given a chance to record a music demo. If the winner isn’t a musician or singer, then the organizers say they will find something that is more suitable for them.

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