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Dartmouth tree lighting event makes a move

The original Christmas tree remains at Sullivan's Pond

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caption This year’s fireworks went off over the Halifax Harbour instead of Sullivan’s Pond
Lauren Hazlewood
caption This year’s fireworks went off over Halifax Harbour instead of Sullivan’s Pond.
Lauren Hazlewood

The annual tree-lighting event in Dartmouth moved from its original setting at Sullivan’s Pond to Alderney Landing this year due to construction. However, the Christmas tree stayed behind.

caption People wait for the tree to be lit.
Lauren Hazlewood

Saturday’s event began at 4:30 p.m. Sponsor TD opted for an artistic white replica this year and left the real tree at its original spot at Sullivan’s Pond.

Some people were unhappy with this decision.

caption Joell Majeau with her mother, Robin Isaac, dressed festively for the event.
Lauren Hazlewood

“It’s a sad tree,” said Robin Isaac of the replica. Her daughter, Joell Majeau, agreed. “It’s a bigger area, but they should have a real tree.”

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caption Mercedes and her dog Missouri bundle up under Christmas hats.
Lauren Hazlewood

The line for the Kiwanis Santa Claus Express Train quickly built up as families waited for a turn.

caption Lenny Langton looks out at the Kiwanis Santa Claus Express.
Lauren Hazlewood

Lenny Langton was waiting behind the barriers to see his wife and daughters ride past. He appreciated the ride, though not the long lineup.

“Hopefully, if they do the event here again they’ll have learned a bit of a lesson,” he said.

caption Letrell, Bonnie, Ariana and Jamie pose with their dog Buddy.
Lauren Hazlewood

Langton said he liked the bigger area at Alderney Landing. “The pond took up the majority of the park, so before you’d be kind of crowded around the streets and sidewalks and on the grass.”

caption Free hot chocolate and glow sticks were given out.
Lauren Hazlewood

A carousel situated in the heart of Alderney Landing was another option for fun.

caption Two friends hold hands on the carousel.
Lauren Hazlewood
caption Karen and Samuel smile next to the carousel.
Lauren Hazlewood

Leading up to the tree lighting, Mike Cowie and Friends sung carols on stage with Nadia Moore. The audience joined in to sing and dance.

caption Carols were sung on stage throughout the night.
Lauren Hazlewood

The stand-in tree was lit just before 6 p.m.

caption The tree after being lit up.
Lauren Hazlewood

Immediately after the tree was lit, fireworks went off over the harbour. The colourful display was met with loud cheers from the spectators below.

caption Spectators watch the fireworks from the edge of the harbour.
Lauren Hazlewood
caption The fireworks were launched from a floating platform in the harbour just off of Alderney Landing.
Lauren Hazlewood

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