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Dinosaurs take over downtown Halifax science museum

Discovery Centre brings Dinosaurs in Motion to Haligonians

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caption Dinosaurs come to life through pulleys and levers at Halifax's Discovery Centre.
Alec Gallant

Halifax’s Discovery Centre is hoping a new exhibit, Dinosaurs in Motion, will attract the kind of crowds that used to visit before the pandemic. 

The exhibit brings 14 life-sized dinosaur sculptures to life. The figures were designed and created by North Carolina sculptor John Payne.

The sculptures can be manipulated by visitors using levers, pulleys and remote controls. There are also a few motion-activated dinosaurs that will immediately come to life with jaws clicking and roars of interest, once approached. 

“This is the first time that Dinosaurs in Motion have been in Halifax at Discovery Centre. We certainly have had other exhibits that feature dinosaurs and they’re always very popular,” said the centre’s marketing and sales director Jennifer Punch. 

She said she hopes the exhibit will help attract pre-pandemic numbers, considering March break is approaching.  

“We’re just getting the feeling like people want to be out. They’re looking for things to do. It’s getting colder outside and they’re looking for a safe place to come,” Punch said. 

Other than the 14 dinosaurs, the centre’s programming team has put together more activities for all ages to help build the experience. Programs include fossil exploration, dinosaur digs and fun dino-themed crafts.

Kelly Nash brought her kids on Wednesday.

“I actually took them out of school because I thought they learned more here than in school. And one of them, the smaller one, she’s seven, she likes dinosaurs,” Nash said. 

There will also be events over the next few weeks to showcase the exhibit, like the Dino Disco on Feb. 25. It consists of two discos: one for families and one later in the evening for adults. To find out more about this event and to purchase tickets in advance click here

Dinosaurs in Motion will be on display until April 16. The centre is open Wednesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tickets can either be purchased in person or in advance online

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