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Remembrance Day

Facebook post sparks interest on Tim Hortons coffee cup design

Social media users explore the possibility of a Remembrance Day coffee cup at Tim Hortons

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caption Tim Hortons on Spring Garden Road, Halifax
Stefanie Davis
Tim Hortons on Spring Garden Road, Halifax
caption Tim Hortons on Spring Garden Road, Halifax
Stefanie Davis

A post on Tim Hortons Facebook page about the idea of the company making a new Remembrance Day themed cup is drawing attention on social media. The commenter suggested the cup should appear between Halloween and Remembrance Day.

I notice that the new Christmas cups are out. I’d like to make a recommendation that instead of bringing out the…

Posted by Robin Mitchell on Thursday, 5 November 2015

This post has received viral engagement  from a wide variety of opinions.

Some people support the idea while others think it’s unnecessary and is too much to ask from a company that already shows support for veterans on Remembrance Day.

Jeff Mallinson works in fundraising in Halifax, he says from a business standpoint, it just doesn’t seem practical for Tim Hortons to bring out a new cup for such a short period of time.

“To implement a change in design for just 10 days, not to mention distribution would be surprisingly high, not to mention donating a further 10 cents per purchase on top of that is actually a very big undertaking,” Mallinson commented on Facebook.

Some people on social media say it’s disrespectful to come out with Christmas merchandise before Remembrance Day has passed. The Signal spoke to two Tim Hortons workers who say they do wait. They say their stores don’t put out Christmas related treats, cups or merchandise until Nov. 12.

Right now, the cups have images of young girls playing hockey, and there are people on social media who are happy about this current design.

While there are still people who say it would be a good idea for Tim Hortons to show its support for Remembrance Day by having a new cup design.

Tim Hortons did not respond to an inquiry about Remembrance Day themed cups before the deadline. But the company responded to the post made on its Facebook page saying it will look into the idea.

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