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Feline frenzy at the Halifax Forum

Costumed felines and their owners show off in cat competition

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Emma Jones

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One weekend a year, felines and their fanciers gather to bring their tail-ent to the stage to battle it out for an epic title. On Oct. 24, the Halifax Forum was littered with cats showcasing their creative costumes, each fighting to be crowned the most pur-fect kitty from Ontario eastward.

That is, if they weren’t hiding. Or snoozing. Or eating their costumes. How pre-paw-sterous.

The cats were assessed on a rigorous hundred point scale, judged for their physical proportions, colouring and costumes. Cat owners who dressed up in complementary costumes gained extra points.

“The kitten class is gorgeous. Those cats are top show quality,” said judge Diane Moreau, who travelled from Montreal for the event . The weekend was organized by the Fundy Fanciers Cat Club, a group of cat breeders and lovers from Quebec and the Maritime provinces.

Alexandre Leveille can’t count how many shows he has entered with his bengal cat, Achille. Leveille competes because he feels he has a moral obligation to show off the beauty and good character of the bengal breed.

“We like to show bengal cats to people so they know they are good, active, fun cats,” Leveille said, dressed up in a scarecrow costume.

“I want to show everyone they are cool cats,” he said.

Kristi Kerwin travels to shows with her mother and her cat Boba Fett. Today marked Boba’s third competition.

“We started going for fun, but he’s done very well,” said Kerwin. “It’s a great time.”

The felines will continue to bring their cat-itude to the Forum on Sunday Oct. 25.

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