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First timers enjoy Halifax Christmas tree lighting

Twinkly lights, fireworks and hot chocolate create a holiday atmosphere

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caption Hundreds watch the fireworks display at the annual Halifax Christmas tree lighting.
Marianne Lassonde

Many young families gathered in the frosty night air to watch the annual Christmas tree lighting for the first time Saturday.

Saturday evening was the annual Halifax Christmas tree lighting at Grand Parade. Hundreds braved the cold to see the massive tree lit, to watch the fireworks, and listen to live music all while sipping some hot chocolate.

caption Adrianna MacKenzie’s son and daughter enjoy some hot cocoa and cookies before the fireworks.
Marianne Lassonde

Adrianna MacKenzie attended the tree lighting for the first time with her two children and their friend.

When asked what they were most looking forward to all three kids responded “the fireworks.”

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“It’s a pretty fun event and it’s family friendly,” said MacKenzie.

caption Fireworks illuminated the sky at the same moment as the tree was lit.
Marianne Lassonde

Pooja Keji and her family were also attending the event for the first time. She went because she wanted her young son to experience the lights and the fireworks.

Pam Tupper and a friend decided to make a day of the tree lighting.

She and a friend took advantage of the opportunity to see Citadel Hill and do a bit of shopping, before attending the tree lighting to mark the “start of Christmas.”

“It makes a community out of the city,” said Tupper.

caption Pam Tupper and her friend attended the Halifax tree lighting ceremony.
Marianne Lassonde

After the final bang of the fireworks, a few people stuck around to take pictures in front of the lit tree before dispersing into the chilly night.

After 15 minutes, the only evidence of the massive crowd were the crews cleaning up and removing equipment, and the countless Tim Hortons cups piled high in trash bins.

The enormous lone tree stood, draped in colourful lights, its brilliant tree topper drawing the eyes of passersby.

Luckily for anyone who missed the Christmas tree lighting at Grand Parade there are still a few more to come in the Halifax region.

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