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Good Food Emporium closes down Friday

“The last hippie hangout in Halifax” closes its doors

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caption Good Food Emporium will be remembered for his comfort food and cozy atmosphere.
Caitrin Pilkington

The Good Food Emporium restaurant on Windsor St. is a Halifax landmark to many in the community. That’s why, when news started to spread that it would be closing this Friday, people have been coming together to remember making memories at Good Food and planning one last visit.

“I wouldn’t miss a last breakfast at Good Food for the world!” student Emily Morrison told the Signal.

Carole LeBlanc, Stephen Fowler and Eric Gunnells have owned the Good Food since it existed on Gottingen St. in 2008, through to a move to Windsor St. two years later. They’ve been at the Windsor location for the past six years.

There’s a story behind most items on the menu, said LeBlanc, speaking to the Signal. “When we were on Gottingen St., there was a rapper called Ghettosocks who would always order a grilled cheese with avocado and tomato.” Now, the “Ghettosocks” sandwich, named after the Canadian Juno-nominated hip hop artist also known as Darren Pyper, is one of the most popular items on the menu.

“Little old ladies will come in and ask for the “socks” sandwich,” said LeBlanc.

The Good Food is always full of an eclectic mix of young and old folks from around the neighbourhood.

“It’s rare that you come in here don’t see someone you know… really a hub for the North End,” said regular Hank Fisher to the Signal. He says he spends more than an hour a day at the Good Food.

LeBlanc attributes the Good Food’s success to the easygoing, friendly nature of the staff, and the family atmosphere. “It’s such a special place with so many special people… I’m going to miss all the love and hugs that I get on a daily basis. Without the community support, we wouldn’t have lasted this long,” she said.

The restaurant space will be taken over by brothers Tony and Sam Rinaldo, who will be serving Italian food. LeBlanc called them, “sweethearts,” and said she knew they were the right for the Good Food space.

LeBlanc says that there is no particular reason for the close, but that they are simply deciding to move on to new adventures after more than eight years of service. When asked if she had anything else to say, she said, “A big thank you for all these years. I’ll be seeing you all around the neighbourhood.”

caption Good Food Emporium will be remembered for his comfort food and cozy atmosphere.
Caitrin Pilkington

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