List: general multimedia tools

This list is curated specifically for the Signal News Workshop. All of these tools were chosen to meet the following requirements:

Maps (when geography/location is important)

Reading:  (for colour selection)

Charts (when you have numbers/stats)


Designing persuasive charts (video)

Timelines (when you want to show a chronology)


United Airlines passenger

Photos (when you have key image(s) to highlight)

Gifs/screen grabs


Example: Guelph Mercury closes





Infographics/visual presentations (for showing a workflow, list, explainer, etc.)

Examples: sequence of events, Do you have the right documents to vote flowchart, mental health continuum

Reading: Designing Effective Infographics

Going live

Other tools and tips: Jeremy Caplan’s list, Journalist’s Toolbox, Product Hunt

Last Updated: January 11, 2019, 7:49 am ADT