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Author bio


Your bio should be no more than two or three lines. Be concise, yet tell readers a little about yourself beyond simply being a student at King’s. To change your bio, click on your username once you’re logged into WordPress.


Use a clean and clear image that shows your face.

Headlines and captions


The length of our display text is important. Shorter is better, especially on mobile, but aim for clarity above all. These are guidelines:



  1. Upload images in a 16:9 aspect ratio. WordPress will create three sizes automatically:
    • Large:  990px (full width for news feature story)
    • Medium:  726px (full width for news story)
    • Thumbnail: 250px  (for display on index pages and search results)
  2. The Featured Image must be horizontal. WordPress will (virtually) crop Featured Images to a 16:9 aspect ratio, where the height is 56% of the width. Physically pre-cropping your images to this aspect ratio before you upload will ensure they are displayed as you want them to be.


Embedded media that span more than half of the story width in a desktop browser should be made to span the full width of the story. Otherwise, the embed will be too narrow to read on mobile.


Every story must contain tags (separated by commas).  They can be any of:


We should always be transparent about how we fix errors in stories that have been published. We don’t need to advise our readers about updates — new information added to the story as it becomes available. We must, however, tell our readers when we alter an existing fact or quote in the story. Use the Corrections field at the bottom of a WordPress post. A correction typically takes the form of:

Jan. 23, 2015: An earlier version of this story misstated the number of  ..


Editor’s Note

Enter a short phrase to explain an editing choice, warn of strong language or a potentially disturbing topic, advise of updated content, etc.

Publication branding

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