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Halifax police commission drafts $684,200 in budget cuts

HRP could lose important projects with new draft budget

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caption Regional police were called to a Halifax hotel on Wednesday to investigate a report of a body in a room.
Kristen Thompson

Halifax Regional Police could lose some of its employees, if regional council passes a pared-down operating budget, says police commission chairman Steve Craig.

The Halifax Board of Police Commissioners identified $684,200 in potential cuts to its proposed budget earlier this week.

The alternative budget was requested by regional council’s budget committee on Jan. 23 to see what the budget would look like with a 1.9 per cent tax increase, instead of the 2.9 per cent municipal target originally presented.

Cuts would be implemented across a number of departments, many of which weren’t included in the original draft. Cuts include $83,600 from joint investigative efforts with outside policing agencies, $50,000 from external lab analysis services and $323,100 from vacancy management.

Vacancy management allows police to fill a vacant position immediately. Without it there would  be a hiring delay, said Craig.

“I’m not sure that these changes will be noticeable to the public because the department suits more than just the front-line officers,” he said. “The decisions we made were to come in at the 1.9 per cent and were the least impactful to the overall budget and the people.”

Though the changes would not directly affect those on the front line, said Craig, the commission is hopeful council will stick with the original budget.

“Our original numbers actually came in at 2.7 per cent, so under the municipal target. We recommend that that be the budget they move forward on,” Craig said.

“We really don’t want (the revised budget) to happen, but, luckily, we’re just providing information. Nothing is decided yet.”

The Halifax regional council budget committee will vote on HRP’s draft budget on Feb. 13.

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    Debra Bruce

    HRM gives big money to build all theses Condos,that are half empty,and now wants to make cuts to Halifax regional Police.Our safey seems not to be issue with The HRM.Really!!!!!Why don't they cut back on their own wadges if they want to cut back on our Police Dept.Why is it that 20 people can decide what is right and wrong.HRM has already taken away most of our rights.Stop giving money to all theses people who only make condos that most of us cannot afford.$1500 to $2000 a month for rent,people on low income and Seniors can not afford to live in them,and there is to many building of theses places.Start paying attencion to our people and STOP RUINING OUR HRM.What happened to Dartmouth ????? you have taken every thing from us and put in a Park that we cannot get to.WAKE UP ALL OF YOU AND START SERVING THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE HERE........
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