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Halifax slapped with another bout of winter

Spring is technically here — so is winter, still

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caption Flurries falls from the sky as a snowplow drives by.
Nick Holland
Flurries falls from the sky as a snowplow drives by.
caption Flurries fall from the sky as a snowplow drives by.
Nick Holland

Spring: that time of year when the last bits of winter fade away and flowers begin to blossom.

In Halifax, it was a different story Monday. The sun rose on the second day of spring. We just couldn’t see it behind the winter storm clouds hurling snow and freezing rain at the city.

Here’s what some people around town had to say on social media:

It’s a lovely winter we’re having this spring. #halifax #easternpassage #snow #springstorm

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Spring meow?

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In the morning, a bit of snow started falling and it quickly mixed with ice pellets. Those ice pellets make it hard to tell how much snow came down. Close to noon the weather transitioned into freezing rain.

Tracey Talbot, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, says we shouldn’t be surprised if more storms visit Nova Scotia in the coming weeks.

“We’re probably not out of the woods quite yet. Nova Scotia has had snowstorms well into April,” she said.

Believe it or not, there’s a silver lining. April is almost here and temperatures are warming up. Talbot says any other storm that comes will melt pretty quickly and “won’t stick around very long.”

Although the storm is over, the city is cleaning up the last bit of Old Man Winter so the parking ban is in effect from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m.


First day of spring 😫🔫 #stillwinter #canada #halifornia #hellifax 🌨

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Good morning #halifax Thanks for the warm welcome 😂

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