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Hit the skating Oval while it’s cold

There’s only four days left to enjoy Halifax’s Emera Oval

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caption Both expert and beginner skaters have been out in force to enjoy the final days of the winter season.
Josh Healey
caption Skaters have been out in force to enjoy the final days of the skating season.
Josh Healey

Halifax’s Emera Oval is expected to close on Sunday, leaving just a few more days to enjoy the skating rink.

For Liz McSween and Marine Potter, the skating season has flown by. They made a pact in December to go skating eight times before the Oval closed.

Luckily, they completed their eighth session just in time. They were among the throngs of skaters taking one of the last opportunities to get their skates icy.

“Normally, I skate inside,” said Potter. “But it is just so much nicer here in the fresh air.”

It’s March Break this week, allowing parents and their kids to let off a little steam. It is also a last chance for dedicated skaters to work on their edgework, weather permitting.

There have a number of cancelled sessions this winter as a result of warm weather causing poor ice conditions. Whole days of skating have been lost and a speed skating session was cancelled as recently as Wednesday.


The Oval’s staff will continue to offer a variety of activities, speed skating, stroller skate and public skates, until Sunday.  Furthermore, the Oval has been the location of several events throughout the winter season.

“It’s really just about enjoying the winter,” said Potter.

She says that events help to get people up and moving during the winter months, especially children.

Skaters are encouraged to bring their own skates and equipment, but gear can be borrowed for free with a valid piece of government issued ID. A helmet is mandatory for children under the age of 12, although the Oval does suggest that everyone wear a helmet.

The Oval, which sits in the Halifax Common, was originally constructed for the 2011 Canada Games.

Once the ice is removed, the Oval will open to in-line skaters, but McSween and Potter won’t be there.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had Rollerblades on,” said Potter with a laugh.

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