How about a Trailer Park Boys museum in Cole Harbour?

HRM is asking for ideas for the former site of the Halifax County Rehabilitation Centre

A Cole Harbour resident thinks the former site of the Halifax County Rehabilitation Centre is an ideal spot for a museum honouring a famous television show that was filmed there.

The site off Bissett Road in Cole Harbour has been declared a municipal park, and last week Halifax Regional Municipality launched the public engagement stage of planning. This first stage involves a survey asking residents what amenities or features they would like to see.

Colin MacEachern, a teacher at Auburn Drive High School, suggests a “small museum” dedicated to the Trailer Park Boys, similar to the World Peace Pavilion in Dartmouth. It’s an outdoor monument on the waterfront with exhibits behind glass.

“It doesn’t have to be anything over the top. Nothing too expensive,” MacEachern said in an interview. Cole Harbour regularly celebrates NHL stars Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon, he said, and the stars of the Trailer Park Boys are “just as big, only it’s in the arts.”

The origins of the Rehab Centre, as it was known, date back to 1887 when it was called the Poors’ Farm. The centre operated on the site from 1941 until it was closed in 2002. The abandoned site became a popular spot for film shoots and urban explorers. The building burned down in 2010 and was demolished soon afterwards.

The original run of the Trailer Park Boys, most of which was filmed on the Rehab lands, aired from 2001 until 2008. Created by and starring people from Cole Harbour, the show is an ongoing international success. The franchise has expanded to include spinoffs, three feature films and an animated series.

Cole Harbour trail
A new trail built on the site of the former Halifax County Rehabilitation Centre in Cole Harbour.   Preet Bhogal

MacEachern started an online petition and plans to submit it to city staff as part of the public engagement process.

He said his idea is not as offbeat as it may seem. He mentioned Molly’s Reach restaurant from The Beachcombers, another classic Canadian television show that aired on CBC from 1972 until 1990. It was a fictional restaurant in the show but became a real one due to the success of the show. More recently, Goodwood, Ont., became a tourist destination after the success of Schitt’s Creek, which was filmed there.

There are other suggestions for the former Rehab lands listed on the survey. These include a dog park, a request for more bike lanes in the area, and a garden that takes advantage of the view.

Around 16 acres of the 20-acre site has been designated for the park, with the remaining four acres declared surplus. According to the municipality, some of it is already zoned for residential but might be used for other purposes.

This year, the Rehab lands site was again used as a set for a television show. Chapelwaite is based on a Stephen King story and is expected to air sometime next year.

Preet Bhogal

Preet Bhogal

Preet Bhogal is a journalist in Halifax and has a dog named Cole. He writes about politics, health, and social justice issues.

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  1. I have a simple idea for an exhibit. Now that weed it legal and all…Picture this: In Edmonton there is this giant baseball bat located at 97st and 118 ave. It measures at 15.2 meters long. An exhibit that the public can move. Well do this but with a 15.2 meter joint with a big orange light on the top.

  2. Honestly it’ll be one more stop for tourists (local tourists?) – and one that isn’t from the last century. Set up a small replica (seriously, it won’t cost much), charge a small fee, sell some memorabilia, raise some money for the community and have a plan on how to invest back into the community.

  3. Tho I’m from the US and my
    wife and I loved the Trailer
    Park Boys. My Wife passed
    to the next life 7 years
    ago but she always wanted
    to visit where they were
    made. I truly believe this
    would be a Great Honor
    to the Boy’s and the community
    as well as the late great
    Mr Leahy who is so sadly missed so sadly missed. I say
    Mr Leahy because that is who
    he will always be to me. So
    It is a great concept and I
    hope before my time comes I
    will finally have the greatest
    of Honor to visit Cole harbor.
    Sending Peace, Blessings and
    Great Love to the Boy’s, the
    People of Cole Harbor and
    The people 0f Halifax.

    Jack Whitewolf

  4. HRM needs affordable housing! We do not need a museum featuring the Trailer Park boys. Please listen to the public cries for low income housing.

  5. Honestly a small museum would be a nice destination and it would not cost the tax payers a dime. With all of the die hard fans, crowd funding would be no problem at all. I am planning a trip up there to see all the locations from the series once the world is reopened and I can cross the border.

  6. I am a super fan of the Trailer Park Boys and pay homage to Canadian content whenever possible, but there is something way bigger related to humanity that needs consideration. Do these lands have connections with First Nations? As part of the reconciliation that this country has promised to focus on and uphold, shouldn’t our first question be “How can we reach out to our First Nations communities and support them?” Houses and parks are suggestions born out of centuries of privilege. We must think beyond the material and think about all humans.

  7. Anything other than another off lease dog park..I have seen a lot of people suggest that ,,It is a prime spot for beautiful home to be built or a few smaller homes ,, I was always disappointed with demolition of the halifax County Rehab Center as their is a great need for this type of facility …a last resort a park like on the lines of the Public gardens where people can go and enjoy the beauty of flowers and trees ..Thanks

  8. Affordable housing is certainly a far more worthy use of this property. The Trailer Park Boys are unforgettable enough. They don’t need a museum.

    1. Wihh so many needy people, no affordable housing I’m sure that’s just what we need to waste more of our tax dollars on a TPkBys museum. Maybe you could look at the people and kids on our street, atholea drive and install long dud sidewalks.

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