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Inside Halifax’s 9th annual Everything to Do with Sex Show

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caption People recorded, snapped and captured their favourite moments at the show.
Katlyn Pettipas

Halifax was getting steamy this weekend.

The 9th annual Everything to Do with Sex Show returned to the city.

Mikey Singer is the vice president and show manager for SX Marketing Inc., which organizes the Everything to Do with Sex Show. He said 7,500 people turned out to the event from Friday to Sunday.

“It was literally our best year ever,” he said.

The Cunard Centre was packed for the event on Saturday night.

People bustled through the dimly lit aisles venturing from one booth to the next. Everyone in the crowd stretched their necks to watch live performances and look at shiny toys for sale.

Hollers and hoots were constantly rupturing from the main stage where there were strip shows, dancing and interactive competitions for the audience. Phones were held high recording, snapping and flashing every moment.

On the right end of the Cunard Centre there was a section called the Kink Corner, which aimed to introduce the audience into the world of BDSM – bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism. In the corner, people had the chance to play with fire, electricity, bondage and enter a “vacuum bed.”

Eager audience members would crawl inside the apparatus.The vacuum bed is a form of sensation play. By being in complete darkness, they have to rely solely on their senses. It looked like a Ziploc bag, except it was black, made of latex, there were no holes and the air was sucked out so the person would have to breathe through a tube.

According to a worker at the station, a man who only referred to himself as “Mr. Stallion,” the vacuum bed was very popular during the weekend. He told The Signal on Saturday night that about 150 people crawled inside.

“Only 10 said they didn’t enjoy the experience,” he said.

The Signal came back from the Everything to Do with Sex Show with photos to capture the experience.

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