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Minister addresses the big bump on the Big Lift

MacLellan responds to commuters' frustrations regarding a bump on the Macdonald Bridge, following a delay in reopening Monday

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caption The Macdonald Bridge closes on weekends and weekdays after 7:00 p.m.
Sean Mott
Macdonald Bridge
caption Macdonald Bridge
Sean Mott

Transportation Minister Geoff MacLellan addressed concerns today about the Big Lift causing traffic delays. When the Macdonald bridge reopened later than it was supposed to Monday after the first section was replaced, commuters began experiencing a “big bump” on a connecting piece of roadway, which slowed traffic and some have called dangerous.

MacLellan acknowledged the importance of the bridge and the public’s frustration and said the Halifax-Dartmouth Bridge Commission is doing its best, but there are some things that can’t be predicted with a project of this magnitude.

“This is a significant project,” he said. “It’s one that doesn’t happen every day and when you look at the lift… the size of the Big Lift and the magnitude of what it means to literally remove massive pieces of this bridge and drop new pieces in its place, it’s not insignificant and there are going to be challenges.”

A contractor smoothed the bump to make less of a drop and traffic has improved, but it’s still causing some delays. There will still be a bump on the bridge, although it will spread out as new sections are added, until the project is finished.

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