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Neptune Theatre gets a boost

Minister of Canadian Heritage announces nearly $1 million in federal funding for Neptune

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Meech Kean
caption Minister of Canadian Heritage Mélanie Joly announces major funding support for the Neptune Theatre on 1593 Argyle St.
Meech Kean

The Neptune Theatre in Halifax is getting nearly $950,000 in federal funding to buy new seating and make other improvements.

In addition, it’s getting $100,000 from the provincial government on top of the $240,000 the province provides annually.

The Neptune Theatre is the largest professional theatre company in Atlantic Canada and holds a year-round theatre school to help local actors hone their craft.

Rebecca Hiltz LeBlanc, president of the Neptune Theatre Foundation, says the funding boost means a lot for the future of the 50-year-old theatre.

“It offers the promise that the Neptune will be here in another 50 years,” she said.

Mélanie Joly, the federal minister of Canadian heritage, delivered the funding news Wednesday at the Neptune Theatre. She announced more than $3 million in funding for the Neptune Theatre Foundation and 26 official-language groups in Atlantic Canada.

caption From left to right: Andy Fillmore, Member of Parliament for Halifax, Stephen McNeil, Premier of Nova Scotia, and Mélanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage.
Meech Kean

Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil was there for the announcement.

He said the provincial government wants “to ensure this facility not only thrives, as we know it can, but make sure the community recognizes how important it is not only to the HRM but the entire province.”

In addition to the new seating, Neptune plans to improve the lighting and sound, and upgrade the box office and advertising for patrons.

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