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North Preston teen launches Youtube channel

"Exactly what we need: we need youth voice we need it raw."

“It’s kind of hard for someone else to see to see your community as good,” says Kardeisha Provo, “when you don’t have pride in your own community.”

Provo, a sixteen year old young woman from North Preston, is trying to change that. She’s a basketball star, scholar, community leader, and volunteer. Now, she’s also a voice.

Provo has launched a Youtube channel aimed at giving an inside perspective of a historically neglected community. Her first video went up this week. It’s an interview with her mother Karen Provo about her personal challenges growing up as a teenage mom, fears of raising a millennial daughter, and the first step to loving yourself.

Signal reporter Caora McKenna speaks with Provo about her channel and why she started it. McKenna also speaks with Provo’s older sister LaMeia Reddick, who works as a consultant on youth and justice issues, and with Frances Waterman-O’Connell, the principal of Nelson Whynder Elementary in North Preston, who was Provo’s primary teacher. They speak about why they want to change the narrative around their community.
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  1. M

    Miranda cain

    So proud of you Diesha. You are a leader, role model. Intellectual up and coming . Keep on keeping on if there is anything I can do to assist you .you know auntie got your back to the fullest.
  2. J


    I am so excited and hope to be able to use some of these videos as an educational tool in my classroom. We need more young people like Kardeisha to bring a real view of the culturally diverse communities around our city. Keep it up!!
  3. S

    Sandra Webber

    Congrats Awesome job teaching pride about your Community Bravo keep it going
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