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Nova Scotians respond to NSLC taking on cannabis sales

People 19 and older will be allowed 30 grams and four plants per household

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caption The federal government announced in April that it planned to introduce legislation legalizing marijuana in the spring of 2017.
Matthew Scrimshaw

The Nova Scotia government announced Thursday it would give the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation control over the sale of legal cannabis, and a number of people on social media are unhappy with the decision. 

Graham Steele, a former NDP finance minister, isn’t impressed with the government’s plan.

Graham said he learned a lot about the NSLC when he was the minister responsible for the liquor corporation during the NDP government of 2009-13.

“They do a good job, but sourcing, shipping, storing and retailing cannabis is a completely different thing,'” Steele told The Signal. “I think it’s a mistake to ask a pretty well-functioning and experienced organization to sell a completely different product.”

The province chose not to follow a federal recommendation to separate recreational cannabis from liquor sales, which social media users pointed out. 

A maximum of 30 grams per person and four plants per household will be permitted in accordance with federal recommendations, when cannabis is legalized in July 2018. Adults aged 19 or older will have the right to buy cannabis from the liquor store and grow plants at home.

Diandra Phipps used to own the vegan restaurant EnVie, but now she works for National Access Cannabis. She says even though she supports legal cannabis for medicinal purposes, she says the province’s decision to sell cannabis with alcohol is irresponsible.

Some people are concerned about what this means for alcoholics, non-drinkers and people who use cannabis as medicine.

And a few people made weed jokes.

Next summer, anyone of legal age will be able to buy cannabis from the NSLC at their local stores or online.

Independent dispensaries that are illegal today will still be illegal when cannabis is legalized in July 2018.

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