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Art Battle

Painters face off in Halifax Art Battle

Artists compete for a chance to move on to the provincial battle in June

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caption Audience gathered around Art Battle painters
kaitlynn burns
Audience gathered around Art Battle painters
caption People gather around the Art Battle painters.
kaitlynn burns

Twelve artists competed in Halifax’s Art Battle at the University Club at Dalhousie on Friday to show off their skills and compete for a spot in the provincial Art Battle in June.

Art Battle is an international competition where artists have 20 minutes to create a painting in front of a live audience. Halifax has been hosting this event for six years.

Blank canvases before the Art Battle begins
caption Blank canvasses before the Art Battle begins.
kaitlynn burns

Each competition consists of two preliminary rounds followed by a final round. The two winners from each preliminary round paint in the final round to determine the winner of the night.

Artist's paint board
caption An artist’s paint board.
kaitlynn burns

During each round, the audience is able to get up close with the artists and their art. People walk around the artists and vote on their favourite painting at the end of each round.

Samantha Bishop beginning to paint
caption Samantha Bishop begins to paint.
kaitlynn burns

Samantha Bishop, a student at NSCAD University, competed in Friday’s event. It was her third time participating in an Art Battle.

Bishop begins her painting by using a large flat brush
caption Bishop begins her painting by using a large flat brush.
kaitlynn burns

This year, Bishop had a strategy to make it past the preliminary round.

“I’ve been practising by coming up with some ideas ahead of time and timing myself in my studio trying to see if I can get my idea fully rendered in that time,” she said.

Bishop beginning to paint the hand in her art work
caption Bishop begins to paint the hand in her piece.
kaitlynn burns

Bishop came prepared with her iPod this year, too. She likes to listen to instrumental or classical music while she paints.

“I think the last time I wasn’t doing as well was because I wasn’t listening to music. You need to just focus on your own art because if you listen to the crowd you can get distracted,” she said.

The 23-year-old was a self-taught painter before she enrolled in NSCAD three years ago to study painting.

caption Bishop finishes her painting.
kaitlynn burns

Bishop prefers to paint with very bright colours like teal and blue. For this event, she painted a black background with a mystical hand reaching through the canvas towards the audience. She says she wanted to challenge herself by trying to paint a realistic hand in a short amount of time.

Although Bishop didn’t make it past the first round, her painting sold for $85 during the silent auction at the end of the event.

caption Bishop’s painting was up for auction at the end of the night.
kaitlynn burns

“I’m really happy with how it turned out and I’m so surprised it was bid on even though I didn’t get past the first round,” she said.

Andre Samson, the organizer of Art Battle in Halifax, says the event is really about having fun and networking for artists.

Basile Ivanor in the final round an abstract beach scene
caption Vasile Ivanov paints an abstract beach scene in the final round.
kaitlynn burns

“Really what artists get out of it for their craft is a chance to get themselves out of a private situation like their studio. It’s basically a chance for them to be sort of like a rock star,” he said.

Basile Ivanor finishing his painting
caption Vasile Ivanov completes his painting.
kaitlynn burns

Stacey Bieren won Friday’s event. The 42-year-old is a self-taught painter who began taking paint lessons at Expressions of Colour Art Studio only a year and a half ago.

caption Stacey Bieren, winner of Friday’s Art Battle, begins her painting.
kaitlynn burns

Bieren didn’t expect to make it past the preliminary round and says she had to wing it for her second painting in the final round. That painting featured a mountain range surrounded by thick evergreen trees.

Stacey Bieren's completed painting
caption Stacey Bieren’s completed painting.
kaitlynn burns

“The colours I grabbed were just typical landscape colours so I just started from the sky and worked my way down the canvas,” she said.

Bieren moves on to the provincial Art Battle in June. She will compete against the winners of seven similar competitions. The provincial winner then qualifies for a national Art Battle.

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