PHOTOS: ‘Awesome’ Holiday Parade of Lights brings Haligonians downtown

The parade was full of smiles and holiday cheer despite the chilly evening

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A mother stands with her mother behind her and her two daughters in front of her smiling at the camera.
caption Sheena Martin, middle, attended the parade with her mother, Beverly Martin, back, and two daughters, Vayda Martin-Shay, left, and Charlotte Martin-Shay, right.
Hannah Veinot

Thousands of people lined the streets of downtown Halifax on Saturday night to watch the SaltWire Holiday Parade of Lights. Cold and windy weather had children’s eyes peeking out from under hats and puffy jackets.

The route, which saw changes this year, started on Cogswell Street at North Park Street. It then proceeded to pass by Citadel Hill via Ahern Avenue and Bell Road. From there, the parade passed South Park Street leading to Spring Garden Road and ended on Barrington Street at George Street.

More than 40 groups participated in the parade this year, with large vibrants floats from the Shaw Group and The Village Shops at Dartmouth Crossing. There were a variety of colours displayed, accompanied by an array of lights that were strung across cars and floats. Attendees also added to the abundance of lights by wearing blinking red Rudolph noses and colourful Christmas light necklaces.

The parade had been postponed from Nov. 18, due to rain and wind warnings.

Sheena Martin attended the parade with her two daughters and her mother. The three generations enjoyed spending the parade together. 

“It was awesome. There’s so many people down here this year, it’s insane. It’s my little one’s first year where she could actually be really excited about it,” said Martin. Her other daughter Vayda Martin-Shay said seeing Santa at the end of the parade was her favourite part.

A man is smiling while wearing a Santa hat and a red glowing Rudolph nose.
caption This parade attendee was walking down the street smiling while waiting for the parade to pass by.
Hannah Veinot
A group of five people smile and wave at the crowd while holding a banner.
caption There were plenty of smiles and “happy holidays” shouted from this group walking with the SaltWire Holiday Parade of Lights banner.
Hannah Veinot
A little car, painted like the Mystery Machine, is driven by a man wearing a red fez hat waving to the crowd.
caption The Shriners drove miniature cars which made parade-watchers smile and laugh.
Hannah Veinot
A white dog with brown spots wears a Santa jacket.
caption A few dogs even showed up to spread some holiday cheer.
Hannah Veinot
A live band, including a guitar, singer and drums plays on top of a parade float lined with big plastic candy canes.
caption A live band performed on top of the CAA float.
Hannah Veinot
Frosty the Snowman waves at the crowd while he is on a colourful float, lined with tinsel and lights.
caption Frosty the Snowman, aboard The Village Shops at Dartmouth Crossing float, made an appearance.
Hannah Veinot
A parade float with six colourful houses featuring candy canes, snowflakes, bright lights and the Grinch.
caption The Shaw Group had a colourful float that featured the Grinch.
Hannah Veinot
An Exit Realty parade float of a miniature blue house with a white picket fence has a Merry Christmas sign hung on the front.
caption Exit Realty had a miniature house complete with a white picket fence floating down the streets.
Hannah Veinot
The green and blue Harbour Hopper was covered in lights and a red Rudolph nose. A man dressed in a red suit with snowmen covering it walks beside the vehicle.
caption Halifax’s popular Harbour Hopper made an appearance, donned in Christmas lights and a red nose.
Hannah Veinot
A child wearing a neon yellow vest and a Santa hat holds a bag collecting letters from kids for Santa.
caption A young Canada Post helper was collecting letters to be delivered to Santa Claus.
Hannah Veinot
Santa Claus sits in his sleigh pulled by light up reindeer while waving to the crowd.
caption Santa Claus made an appearance and closed out the parade.
Hannah Veinot

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