Halifax designer Jen Glass hosted a pre-New York Fashion Week show on Saturday. The event was a partnership between international modelling and marketing agency House of Soli and downtown Halifax bar The Dome.

Jen Glass owns the clothing company Jen Jackets. A supporter of ethical slow fashion, Glass drew an audience of about 200 people to her pre-fashion week showcase cum fundraiser to go to New York.

“The slow fashion movement is all about conscious production and buying to preserve our world,” she said at the event.

caption The House of Soli event took over the Dome Saturday with a showcase of the collection that Jen Glass is set to launch at New York Fashion Week.
Warren D’Silva

She will be showing at New York Fashion Week in February, where she’s hoping to make her mark. Soli Productions is the agency she’s working with to  take her there, with models from Soli Models walking the runway to show off her collection.

“I will be featured on a Times Square billboard on Feb. 8, 2024 and then have a couple shows on the NYFW runway,” she said.

The opportunity in New York promises to help put Nova Scotia designers on the global fashion map, she said. With a clothing line consisting of couture denim pieces, she aims to put her denim on everyone with her collection, called JENiM.

Models swayed to the pulse of the music backstage, put socks over shoes and were sewn into garments before the show. On the runway, blinding lights and the sounds of cameras whirring and heels clicking added to the sensation of the show.

With all the fabric for an evening full of couture, the Dome was converted into a showcase that previewed fashions that will hit the runway during New York Fashion Week, held this year from Feb. 9-14. Modelled by high fashion Soli models and attended by a who’s-who of Halifax, the event was a star-studded affair. A mixture of influencers, media personalities and socialites such as Alicia Mccarvell, Katie Kelly, Kayla Short, Ayjay Colley, among others, were in attendance.

The JENiM collection not only displayed a wide array of denim outfits, but also a diverse range of models.

caption Behind the scenes at the JENiM fashion show: Models get ready, last shots, and a few touchups before the show.
Warren D’Silva

caption The storm before the calm. Models get ready to hit the runway before Halifax local’s pre-New York Fashion Week runway showcase at The Dome.
Warren D’Silva

caption House of Soli and The Dome collaborated with Jen Jackets for Jen Glass’s collection. Models take to the runway to showcase Glass’s latest collection before it hits New York Fashion Week in February.
Warren D’Silva

caption The afterparty was DJ’d by Karate Kactus and Badi Sun with performances by Lamar Ashe.
Warren D’Silva

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