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PHOTOS: Miniature art on display at Halifax gallery

Pre-Shrunk 2023 returns to Argyle Fine Art

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A person spreads their thumb and index finger in front of a painting of red flowers.
caption A person captures the size of a painting with their hand.
Shazara Khan

Pre-Shrunk 2023 is open at the Argyle Fine Art gallery and continues until Feb. 21. 

The show displays miniature works of art measuring four by five inches.

This year’s show features nearly 400 works from artists across Canada and is the largest PreShrunk event to date. 

Artwork can be purchased for $175 each.

A person in the crowd stands and looks at paintings on the wall.
caption The show draws large crowds for its opening reception.
Shazara Khan


A painting of a horse and paintings of skeletons are next to a painting of a person with black hair and red clothing.
caption All works are numbered so guests can purchase them.
Shazara Khan


A person with red hair stands next to a painting of a cat and a painting of a person.
caption A person stands next to a wall of paintings.
Shazara Khan


Two people stand in front of the window of a building that reads “Argyle Fine Art.”
caption Two people stand in front of the Argyle Fine Art gallery after attending PreShrunk on Friday.
Shazara Khan


A red painting is next to a black and white paiting.
caption A closeup of paintings from the show.
Shazara Khan




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