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PHOTOS: Thousands march in support of Palestinians, demand ceasefire

Protesters rallied from Victoria Park to Grand Parade

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Crowd walking with signs calling for ceasefire
caption The protesters condemned the Canadian government's stance on the conflict.
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A march in support of a ceasefire in Gaza brought thousands of Haligonians together as they marched from Victoria Park to the Grand Parade. The “Say No To Genocide” march was organized by the Atlantic Canada Palestinian Society.

Victoria Park in Halifax’s downtown was flooded with people at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 12 as protesters arrived at the designated starting spot for the march. The marchers were accompanied organizers in fluorescent yellow vests, who had brought giant LED screens and two trucks to lead the crowd through the streets.

The organizers started the event with chants, land acknowledgments and Mi’kmaq songs, along with a speech by a representative from Independent Jewish Voices Canada, who lent their support.

The crowd then started marching through Spring Garden Road and along Barrington Street, with the trucks leading them. People on the trucks, equipped with speakers in the back, led the chants until the parade of supporters arrived at the Grand Parade, where the rest of the speeches took place.

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People of different ages, religions and backgrounds walked together and made noise in hopes of pushing the Canadian government to call for a ceasefire. This sentiment was echoed through people’s signs and throughout the speeches.

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