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Prove you’re smart; take part in the Brain War

4th annual competition sees teams apply their knowledge

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caption The team from Horton High School is working for "bridge building" bewteen two tables.
Sixian Zuo
caption The team from Horton High School works on a bridge between two tables.
Sixian Zuo

No weapons — including books   were used in a battle at Saint Mary’s University on Friday, where participants had to win by “brain use.”

The annual Brain War sponsored by the Discovery Centre challenges participants to compete in a series of tests throughout the day.

In one test, for example, teams used their engineering skills to build a working bridge in the cheapest way possible — by using limited materials, including newspaper, thread, plastic wrap or straws. Participants combined and knitted the materials together, then placed heavy books on their bridge to see if their structure worked.

“You can’t really prepare; the tests are so diverse,” said Mikhail Zykov, member of a corporate team from JASCO Applied Sciences. “Basically you need your whole life to get prepared.”

The Signal’s reporter Sixian Zuo went to Brain War and has more.

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