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Rowena Sharpe

'True friend to the whole community'

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caption Rowena Sharpe
Courtesy: Arlene Brooks

Rowena Sharpe was a “true friend to the whole community,” her older sister Arlene Brooks remembers.

caption Rowena Sharpe
courtesy: Arlene Brooks

Rowena was a member of St. Mary’s First Nation in New Brunswick. She was an “amazing” and optimistic daughter, sister and mother of three children, Brooks said in an email.

She was also known for her work at the daycare in the community.

“She loved working with children,” said neighbour Lisa Webb.

Rowena was killed by her estranged husband, Kevin Sharpe, on March 20, 2012, who killed himself soon after. They had split up a week earlier. She was 38.

Brooks said she was texting with Rowena shortly before she died.

“Rowena was worried about her husband Kevin. She felt bad about kicking him out a week earlier. And little did I know that would be our last text to each other,” she said.

Brooks said she cried as she wrote down the memories of her sister.

Rowena was a dog lover and avid gardener. She had many hobbies and loved to walk.

“She walked everywhere with her three kids,” said Brooks. “Rowena was in first place in our ‘biggest loser’ weight loss challenge when she left us. She was sure to win.”

This profile was produced as part of a partnership between The Signal and ahead of the national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

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