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Spring equinox brings snowstorm

‘I’d rather be sweating because of the sun, not shovelling’

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caption Jill d'Entremont shovelled the snow at her work Monday morning.
Anna Cormier
caption Jill d’Entremont shovelled the snow at her work Monday morning.
Anna Cormier

The first official day of spring brought snow and freezing rain to Nova Scotia, instead of the desired sunshine and warmth.

Fifteen centimetres of snow fell in Halifax Sunday night and freezing rain warnings were issued throughout the night.

Jill d’Entremont works at Ohealthy Market in Dartmouth. This year they’ve only had to close for one full day, along with a few delayed openings.

Monday, d’Entremont had to shovel when she arrived to work. She is 30 weeks pregnant.

“I wasn’t happy about it,” said d’Entremont. “I’d rather be sweating because of the sun, not shovelling.”

D’Entremont wasn’t the only one wishing the first day of spring had brought warmer weather to the area.

Many schools were cancelled in Nova Scotia, including all of those in the Halifax Regional School Board. This was their eight and a half snow day of the school year.

The parking ban has been lifted for Monday night – but not soon enough for some people who may have not seen the warning and were hit with a $50 fine for parking on the street last night.

caption This car was fined $50 for parking on the street during a parking ban.
Anna Cormier

Some flights were delayed at Halifax Stanfield International Airport and two flights leaving from St. John’s, N.L., were cancelled.

caption Some flights were delayed or cancelled due to the storm.
Anna Cormier

Nova Scotia Power reported Monday morning that just over 2,000 homes without power due to the storm. Trees had fallen onto lines causing outages, but power has now been restored.

More freezing rain and ice pellets are expected for Monday night, but no more storms are in the foreseeable future.

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