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Spryfield market demand delays launch date

Vendor list now tops 30: 'we had hoped to grow to that size in Year 2'

Manager hopes market will "encourage healthy lifestyles and diets”
Manager hopes market will “encourage healthy lifestyles and diets”   Shelby Bona

The Spryfield and district market has had to postpone the official launch date and change locations due to an overwhelming response from vendors.

The market was originally set to open on April 17, but now that’s expected to happen on May 15.

Marian Munro, volunteer market manager, says the vendor list has grown from 16 to more than 30, including farmers from Kings and Lunenburg counties.

“We had hoped to grow to that size in Year 2,” she said. “We’ve grown to that size before we’ve even launched in Year 1.”

The location of the new market is still a secret as they are undergoing a permit process to be able to hold a public market there.

The market will now begin at 7:30 a.m. instead of the original plan for it to open at 12:30 p.m.

Patti Clark of 7th Chakra Designs was not surprised by the change in times. “Farmers markets are usually in the mornings, so you have to get up with the chickens,.” she said.

Clark, sells meditation cushions, yoga mat bags, and purses. When asked if she was prepared for the market launch, Clark said, “You’re never 100 per cent ready. It’s like planning a wedding; you can always do more.”

The market will have a strong educational component to it as it will feature several workshops related to home gardening that Munro hopes will “encourage healthy lifestyles and diets.”

Munro’s goal is that one day the community of Spryfield will consider the market “a social gathering place, a place to meet the neighbour, have a coffee, and attend a workshop.”

The location of the market will be announced in early April.

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