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St. Margaret’s Bay Road reopens after delay

St. Margaret's Bay Road construction causes headache for commuters, residents: councillor

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caption St. Margaret's Bay Road reopened Friday morning.
Jonah Cole
caption Traffic backs up before the entrance to the Armdale Rotary on Friday for the first time since July 24.
Jonah Cole

The St. Margaret’s Bay Road reopened Friday morning following scheduled construction, but with a delay of nearly two months.

Coun. Shawn Cleary said many commuters are likely relieved to be able to use the road again.

“I heard from commuters that were coming from Sambro or Tantallon and other places that use that road as a main thoroughfare coming into the peninsula (and) they were obviously upset because they knew it was going to be torn up for a period of time but not as long as it was,” he said.

The road closure began July 24 and affected the area between Quarry Road and Douglas Drive. The project provided the route with infrastructure upgrades that replaced aging water systems, road and curb structures.

The work was scheduled to take 11 weeks and originally expected to end Oct. 9. The reopening was delayed until the end of October and again until Friday.

Cleary, who represents District 9, the area in which the construction took place, said the opinions on the construction were “divergent.”

“There’s no consistency or unanimity amongst residents on how we should do things. Some people love the fact that it’s (St. Margaret’s Bay Road) torn up and bumpy. That meant traffic was restricted,” he said. 

Commuter Robert Finbow relies on the transit system to get to the peninsula. He said frequent re-routings in the area made for a troublesome commute.

“Bay Road has grown steadily in traffic and is now a very difficult commute,” Finbow said in an email to The Signal.

Cleary said there is still work to be done, but only small touch-ups that won’t require further road closure.

caption Minor work remains, but no further closures are planned.
Jonah Cole

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