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StarMetro Halifax to close next month

The daily newspaper is set to lay off all staff

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caption It was a quiet scene at StarMetro Halifax's office the night staff found out about the paper's closure
Simon Miller

The entire StarMetro Halifax operation is shutting down in December.

The Toronto Star announced the closure of all of its Metro newspapers on Tuesday.

In Halifax, it affects four staff reporters and one editor — all of its editorial staff.

“It’s always been a little precarious,” said reporter Zane Woodford. “We knew the paper didn’t exactly make a lot of money so it’s not a huge surprise, but it’s kind of out the blue.”

The last paper will go to print on Dec. 20.

These layoffs are part of “major developments in our national development plan,” according to a leaked memo from Toronto Star president John Boynton.

“Print advertising volumes have decreased significantly in recent months to levels below those required to make them commercially viable,” wrote Boynton.

The Star has decided to publish only digitally outside of Ontario. It will open a new digital-only bureau in Halifax.

Woodford said they will only be hiring one reporter for this bureau, and the position will be open to all journalists.

“It’s not like one of us just gets it. We have to apply for it,” he said.

The other Star Metros closing are in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto. There are a total of 73 jobs cut across the country in editorial, advertising and distribution areas.

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